Fashion Post: Don't look at my back

by - 07.18

Hai people!
Lama ga ngeblog sepertinya ya? Haaaa maafin, berasa jadi blogger yang gagal. Hiks
Kuliah yang agak menyita waktu buat hobi ya seperti inilah..
Bulan ini gue udah libur dengan miris meliat ip semester 5. Huaaa
Jadi pelampiasan kemana-mana, nguliner sampe foto-foto yang absurd (baca: foto oh oh ti di) haha
Sampe nyoba-nyoba diy ini itu juga..

"In order to be irreplaceable one must be different." - Coco Chanel

Bucket Hat by Sync.
Totebag by Stargazer
Shoe by Nike
Jeans by Levis (cutted by me)
T-shirt by unknown (cutted by me)
Glasses by Ray-Ban
Watch by QQ
Earpod by Apple

Negla street, Bandung.

Photo credit by Alifia Winy

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