Fashion Post: Two Tones in Two Fellas

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Hello fellas!
This is my first post in September, my new semester of  my last year in college. So, sooner or later i’ll take a rest of blogging, but i’ll be back very soon. Is that okay? I’ll post more ootd in instagram anyway.

Okay back to topic, this is the collab with my fashion fellas in Bandung, anyway she’s my senior in SHS but she continue her school in Bandung, btw she graduated her bachelor degree in chemistry major last Saturday, i congratulated lately :p
A photo below here is the sneakpeek of this photo session.

By the way we made a promise to take photos by long long time ago, but we had a lot of bussiness (me: KKN, her: skripsi) and we just took some photos last Sunday at 2pm at my campus (we took in the museum national of education in Bandung). We wore a same concept: monochrome, but i always wear mono-outfit.
When we took some photos, there was a lot of people who took some photos like us, ootd. Lol But we were alright, because i don’t ever to be shy hahahaha (c’est parceque je ne suis pas timid jamais)
She tooks in one place in one day, but me, i took some photos in one day in one place in 3 style outfit but all about mono-outfit.
So, this is our collab in monochrome,

Oh yes, i wore 3 outfit in one place in one day hahaha, Because take some photos in one outfit is never enough lol
First outfit

Second outfit

Last outfit

Taken by Timer and Risnafiani AR (risnaf)
Nikon D5100 (scene food) x Snapseed

Museum Pendidikan Nasional
Jl. Dr Setiabudi No,183 Kota Bandung

White shirt by H&M
Black tanktop by H&M
White jeans by Mango Man
White sneakers by Zalora
White tshirt by unknown
Black boots by unknown
Crewneck by Morrysportland
Sunglasses by Ray-Ban

And soon, i'll post about resto's review for very first time in this blog.
Stay tuned!
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Gross bisous,

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