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Hey good people!
Sorry for not post a blog for very long time haha just because i’m lil bit busy of college’s task huhu

By the way, i attended a concert of Andien Aisyah last september 14th 2015 with my half. I got my ticket as easy because i won ootd’s challenge on instagram that Andien made on her ig’s account, and my bae tho!

Yoga, Onya, Kiko

This concert would be awesome because attends by many singer, 5 music director, 5 fashion designer, and a lot! I know that Andien’s career been almost 15 years and this concert is the result of her success now. She has a great voices in jazz type and beautiful yet, her face’s too adorable even she got married. This concert started from 8 pm till i dunno when *because i left this concert too early* lol. Lil bit bored because she didn’t show her jazz voice in opening, too POP. Many singers that i waited for like Gamaliel Audrey Cantika, and also Teza Sumendra, just because i love ‘em a lot.
By the way, i didn’t take any pict there because we didn’t allow to bring any camera to this concert.
Oh yes, before i attend this concert, i took a lot of ootd’s pict. So, check below here about our outfit.
@idekuhandmade @sonyathaniya @xrzkix

We always matchs outfit each other, which is monochrome’s the best way to we wore hahaha. Never got bored to wear monocchrome outfit, also take ootd’s pict with bae.

After did that, we were interviewed by a lot of media publisher like liputan6.com, Republika Online, JAK TV, till we spotted in MNC Fashion #LookGoodWithDave. It’s an honour to being interviewed by him. ITS ALL ABOUT OUT OUTFIT, OUR STYLE.

I may not good in writing, bad in english. But i always try to make everything seems so good. Leave a comment about anything right here on comment’s box. Thanks for visiting.


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