Fashion Event: OOTDINDO Gathering 2015

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Hi beloved readers!
This post will be the last post in october, because i decided to make a post twice per month, i don’t decide yet when will i post, but for post ootd’s pict will always update on my instagram’s account and an outfit on my lookbook’s account.

Outfit for attending #trademark7 at Paris Van Java Mall

Okay, last octobre 3rd i attended my first and biggest gathering in fashion section. YASH, OOTDINDO Gathering 2015 @ Iconic Kemang, South Jakarta.
I met a lot of stylish peoples, from fashion enthusiast, fashion blogger to fashion stylist, instagramers to photographer, and a lots! I feel blessed to met these people in one place in one event *by the way this gathering’s data was same with WWIM Java Connect in Bandung thoL* by i decided to choose this gathering, because i already promised to my lovely bloggers. After we chit chat and decided to come, how cloths that we wear, till how to come together to this place, we met already in Senayan City and took some ootd’s pict.

Okay back to the gathering, i met a lot of people who famous in instagram and i do love their style, their work, everythings! Anyway this gathering hosted by Erick and Lauren from co-founder of OOTDINDO, i love them so much! They were success to make this gathering so lovely! Free snacks. Free drinks, free mug and free shopping voucher! They’re so kind! Lucky me to attend this gathering, such a reunion with my beloved from OOTD Dreamers’s finalists *check my post on february*. We took a lot of pics! I dunno how much i took pics, and i took some photos with, they said i have an unique style, i dunno why.Maybe my lovely creepers in 6cm platform? My black coat? I dunno hahaha i feel so lucky. And also lucky to having friends who has a same passion like them.

groufie with these babies <3

spotted on ootdindo's instagram

almost fullteam, we missed Stella on this pic :(


Photo credit by @ivanvictorlucas

ma skinny biatch <3

Thanks for OOTDINDO to allow me hehe, heading from Bandung to Jakarta to this gathering, i’m satisfait. Thanks for visiting! See you in another event!


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  1. kau keren dan menjulang di hari ini hehe <3

    kisses, Diras

  2. I love your bag <3 | JOIN WORLDWIDE GIVEAWAY

  3. Keren banget walaupun monochrome