Fashion Event: Graduation Fashion Show

by - 14.03

- Hello fashion people -
Sorry for late report about Fashion Presentation of Andreas Wen (@AW_Wardrobe) and sorry again for bad resolution of some photos that i took during the show because i forgot to bring my camera, so i do apologize to reporting this fashion show by camera phone.
This fashion presentation was presented by some students of LPTB Susan Budihardjo as a graduation fashion show. 

Actually, this fashion show was presented by some students, but i took many pictures specially for AW_Wardrobe by Andreas Wen, cause i'm only knowin him, and fortunatelly i met him for the first time on this event. I went to this event with my blogger gang like Sonya, Yoga, Diras, Stella, Dinan, kak Surya, Poppy, and also i met Nadine and her friend Rama.
So here are the pictures that i took bellow :

Even i didn't take great photos. I surely that i'm in love with every detail of this pieces, yea even the colors aren't my own colors (cause i'm monochrome person). Every single cutting represents of a new energy in fashion industry, you'll love if you were there.

This is my outfit when i attended the show

- Finally, androginy look! -

Me, Dinan, Yoga

My bloggers mate with Andreas Wen

Me, Nadine, Rama, Stella, Yoga, Sonya, Andreas

Yoga, Diras, Sonya, Stella, Surya, Dinan, Rama, Nadine, Me

Thank you for visiting my blog!
Hope you enjoy your day!
See you in another fashion event!


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