Fashion Post: Lazy Sunday

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Hello good people!
This is my first post in 2016!
By the way, happy new year guys <3
Wish joy and bless always with us!

Me, Ihsan, Dinan

Last sunday, specially first sunday in 2016, i went to a cafe in Bandung, it's DU71A, and met with these stylish boys, they are Ihsan and Dinan. (find them on Instagram @ihsanmuhammadr and @dinantio18)
We shared, we talked about fashion and also about life.

As many wish and goals in this year, i surely have many to-do-list on my diary.
One of them is GRADUATE.
Yes, this is my last semester in collage. How many preasure that i have to face like skripsi and teaching practice.
I though that these things are hard to do, but i have many friends who supports me as much as they do.
I'm blessed to having friends like this. Sincerely, i haven't yet met friends who support each other.

In case, i have to believe that God is so kind, and won't drop me down, even i'm in lowest time.
Without God, i won't be ready to face my life like now.
I'm soooo much grateful in every way God does.
Cause God's plan is a better than i have.

Some pics of DU71A that i took.
Such a very quite place in town.
DU71A is a east-western restaurant with white concept and the garden.
The price is sooo very cheap and normal for me as a student.
And also, they have a record place and cassette's shop in vintage concept (unfortunatelly i didn't took any pics of 'em)

dots shirt: unbranded - zupah sweater: Ed-Jeh - white pants: unbranded - sandals: Zalora - bag: YASA (

Place: DU71A, Jalan Dipati Ukur No.71A Kota Bandung.

Thanks for visiting my blog!
Happy New Year fellas!


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  1. OMG!! you guysss are so cool!! lovee everything in this post, klo aku ke bandung ajak ke sini yaaw :)

    Sonya Thaniya
    Read my new post here :

    1. Thankyou, Sonya <3 sure! Just get lost in Bandung asap.

  2. Waaaah kece kece yaaa <3 Aku juga mau dong diajak ke sini :D
    anyway, follback ya di GFC

    Take care,
    Rizuna from 100% Nerd

  3. aku pengen kaos ((atau sweatshirt? atau apa itu? :( )) yang kamu pake, lucu ko :3

    1. It's longtees actually hihi thankyou, Ihwan :3

  4. Rambutnya gemes banget!
    Semoga skripsinya lancar dan bisa graduate tahun ini.

  5. Is it Birkenstock sandals? I really love it. It's just right for your look.