Fashion Post: Messy Black

by - 11.03

Hai good people!
It's been soooooo happy to share about my outfit.
Now, i decided to blogging rarely because i have to teaching practice and finishing my final assignment (re: skripsi), so sorry then *cry*.
a couple days ago, i went to the artspace in Bandung, it called Salian Art with my friends.

Salian Art is one of artspace in this town, you can find it on Sersan Bajuri street (near Green Forest Resort). It's about a artspace and restaurant at the same place, with chic and full art arround this place, imma sooooo happy to be there.

Actually, i'm in mid of busy week because i have to finish my study without any vacation on it. I try to fill my day in blogging and refreshing, so this is a chance to chill out and take a pic. And about this year, i have to finish my study and a lot of dreams, and specially on this month surely my age will be legal lol. I'm kinda beyond scare to facing the real life then, because i don't have any dream that i have to achieve. In case, i'm kinda hard to makin' my dream comes true, that's the reason why i've never dreamt too high. But since now, since my friends told me, i must to have a list of goals that i'll achieve in the future. And also, i have to make a lot of movement, i have to change, be better for sure.

full body



tryin'  to pose like Gani, but about seeing my face, i can't stop to laugh lol

I just realized that i have to shot my goals, and make my enemies envy about my life :)
They just find my negative side to make sure that i'm so bad.
Got it?

another close-up shot

tryin' to practice balerina pose lol

got me?

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” ― Mae West

Those pics bellow about the place

My buddy, behind those pics:

Shirt: unbranded - Sweater: ed_jeh - Pants: lee jeans - platform shoes: @lathoandco - clutch: - leather jacket: unbranded.
hair stylist by yours truly.

Thank you for visiting my page :)
Have a great week!

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