Fashion Post: Short Vacation

by - 22.01

Fitrie Intan, Ratu, Elma, Me
Hai fellas!
You're curious about this pic?
Yes, i went to Farm House with my skripsi-mates, ya even it wasn't complete:(
If you know that Farm House Lembang is a new place you have to visit in Bandung, Lembang actually (near from my studio).
We've already planned after we finished our last exam.
And finally, just four of us that can get lost to Farm House.
You just pay 20k for ticket then you can change your ticket to milk or sausage. Yummy!

Actually, i didn't take photos of the situation, i truly forgot, i promise i'll post very soon on this post or on my instagram feed**
I planned to wear monochrome cause if you know me what i really love to :p
I wore longtees covered by Sweater to keep me warm and i really another black outer:" and again i wore Joggerpants even it's small size._. Then high sneakers and black grid socks. And yes i used my clutch as my daily bag..
Ups, i almost forgot, couple days ago, i got monochrome beannies by @trovestore_ (check it on instagram). On this outfit, i wore white beannie. How it looks?
Here are the pics of my outfit today

candid of me while i'm drinking milk

my fave pose "pusing pala barbie" lol

in front of "rumah the hobbit" that not my instagram-feed-able lol

feelin' weirdoo

bottom details

longtees: h&m - sweater&joggerpants: ed-jeh - socks: @wrapitsocks - sneakers: zalora - bag: - beannie: @trovestore_

How about my outfit today?
Just leave a comment bellow fellas.
Happy holiday!


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  1. it's cool for me..
    suka bnget sama sepatunya btw heheh

    kunjungi blog aku kak.

  2. Outfit yang kece banget, apalagi sweater sama joggerpantsnya, jadi pengen punya juga neh. :D

  3. i love your sense of fashion! so stunning! and...sepatunya kece abis!

  4. Kerennnnn

    love that weirdo glasses!!!

  5. Kikoooo really cool outfit! and lovee your clutch :)
    i miss u already btw :(

    Sonya Thaniya
    read my new post here :

  6. Lovely post kiko. Love this place perfect background for OOTD shoot hahaha

    kisses, diras.

    1. Thankyou Diras, make sure that you'll be there too to take a pic :3