Fashion Post: Fashion, Branded or Style?

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How are you guys? I hope you guys are alright.And now, I’ll share about “Fashion, it’s about branded or style?”I know that everyone thinks that both are the most important things in fashion world, isn’t it?

Let’s begin, ups I’ll continue in bahasa Indonesia and lil bit english, it won’t hurt, hein? Sorry for worldwide’s readers, you can translate it all, or you may to ask me by mail J

This topic is requested by my friends, Nath. She requests about « Fashion, it’s about branded or style ? » then i try…
Before we talk a lot of the main question, this my thoughs about fashion.

  • Fashion could be a reflection of our personality
  • I wear what i wanna wear, which is comfort.
  • When peoples say that you're freak with your outfit, kill them! lol

Then we start!Maybe most people think that fashion would be related with branded’s things, like Zara, H&M, Uniqlo, Topshop, Bershka etc. Gue sendiri, bisa saja menyetujui dari pernyataan itu. Tapi, diingat lagi, apa perlu? As long as you can’t mix them all, buat gue sih terasa sia-sia, even they wear their outfit from many famous brands in the world.

Lanjut lagi, ke pernyataan selanjutnya, fashion talks about style, who doesn’t agree? Me, agree, even more. Yup, gue bisa setuju, bahkan setuju banget ketika kita bicara soal fashion pasti bicarain tentang style. Karena apa yang orang cari soal fashion pasti style. Bagaimana mix and match plain shirt untuk casual style, even formal look, or maybe how to mix and match turtle neck in right way. 

Bisa gue simpulin, branded things and style, both are related at all. As long as you can mix match your outfit as well, branded things is just about your lifestyle or maybe "gengsi", isn't it? 

You can feel free to ask me to give you a suggestion of fashion and style
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am I looks like a child?

with my partner, Ihsan.

Black shirt: unbranded - Gray joggerpants: Heyho Brand - Sandals: Zalora - Clutch: 

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  1. Nice post Ki! <3

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    Thank you :)

  2. I'm really in love with all outfit. You look so minimal and classic :D

    I'm following you via GFC. Can you follow me back? :D

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  3. Agree! for some people pilih barang branded ya buat gengsi nya, but buat kita branded or unbranded asal mix and match nya kece bisa kasi look yg keren n menarik juga kok ;) ya kan? hehhe
    Anw really lovee this look babee, you look so simple yet cool!

    Sonya Thaniya
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    Thankyou ^o^

    1. Yea you know rite bae! Thanks a lot <3