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Hi peeps!
How it's goin?
I hope you guys always happy in your own way.
Yea yea i'm such a happy too, because now, i try to be a food blogger too, not only about fashion.
two weeks ago, me and my friends met in a hostel in Bandung.
lemme introduce them, a blonde one is Lulu and a long hair one is Ribka.
we met, we took photos, we ate.
what's more?

First of all, i have reviewed about a cafe in Bandung here.
yea, in this post, i combine fashion and food in one journal.
the reason why i choose to be a food blogger:
1. food is a way quiet easy to post
2. food is such our habit, and i love eat actually haha (everyone do)
3. flatlaying food is my current activities
4. i love reviewing products, events. and place of course.
5. for girls style blogger choose to be beauty blogger, so I choose to be food blogger, is it okay?:p

One fine day, i went to a hostel in Bandung, actually my friend told me about this place. This hostel has a cafe of course, and this place is nice to shot (ootd pics or food pics).
This place named Oliver’s Hostelry, yea I told you that it’s a hostel, but it has a café in it.
It’s found around Ciumbuleuit, near Parahyangan University, Bandung-Indonesia.

actually, i don't even know about their menu till we were arriving.
on that day, i choosed chocolate cakes and chamomile tea, and my friend, Ribka, she just choosed french fries. she told me that her meals is delicious, mine's too.
the chocolate cakes is way bigger than i've ever expected.

So many angle that I tried to take good pic. 

Not only food reviewing, we did take ootd pics there
here are the outfit that we were wearing .

here are the videos abt Oliver's Hostelry

or you can check this link on Ribka's channel

Videographer: Kiko, Ribka, Lulu
Video editing: Ribka

what i'm wearing:
turtleneck top: thrifted / joggerpants: Heyho / slip on: 24:01 / clutch:

Thank you for visiting!
KIKO | @xrzkix

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  1. Iyaaaa I love reviewing food more than make up because it's easier. Dan entah kenapa kalo dipikir-pikir, aku lebih banyak nongkrong dan makan di cafe daripada beli baju :D Dulu nggak pernah kepikiran juga jadi foodblogger padahal.

    Take care,
    Rizuna from 100% Nerd

  2. Passion for Fashion, food and life style.