Fashion Post: Please

by - 15.04

Hi peeps!
How was your day?
I hope you guys has a good day to go with.
Yea; couple weeks ago i met my buddies (minus Ribka)
me, Ihsan and Lulu; we met after over a month we didn't have any time to meet.
Too busy between us and our own time; and now i let my free time to meet them.
We met in a cafe; with a dreamy yet adorable interior

If you've checked my lastest pics on my Instagram; you may know where i went to.
If you don't, let me introduce you.
a cafe founded in Progo Street, Bandung City - Indonesia; named Please Please Please.
Then you may know why i called this post "please", got it?lol

i love how they use a lot of artistic things to decorate this place; the colors are too dreamy that i love for.
really, i fallin love with their toilet tho, cause it door is just too lovely with pastel color.
isn't it?

enough for reviewing this place cuz it's quite super long, i can't deny this place is just too good to chills out with ur friends.
now, i continue with my outfit.
i love being minimalistic peeps; cuz i'm too lazy to dress up but somehow i love to wearing complicated outfit lol
when i have nothing to wear; this must-have black turtleneck top pairing with white cropped jeans and white slip-on, are my choice to hang out with my friends.

what a pose-_-
super fresh lychee tea, my fave<3
i have something with floor
my baes

i was wearing:
Top: Uniqlo
Pants: *forget what brand that i bought when i was in JHS :p
Shoes: 24:01 
Hat: H&m

Thank you for reading, hope you guys like it <3


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  1. Love those white pants! Those slip-on is so cool too:D

  2. Very cool!!!

    Have a nice evening!
    Photographer Gil Zetbase

  3. i really love that place!

  4. OMG, I must visit this cafe for sure! All white and pastel things <3 <3
    Always adore your outfit Kiko! I followed you on GFC already, yay! :)



    1. for sure, comin here dear! Thank you xo