Quirky basic

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Hi peeps!
how was your day?
weekend is just arround, hah?
what's your plan?
how abt fasting? btw i'm moslem; so i do fasting hehe
i hope you guys has a good day, always.
portrait of me

how can i imagine this is my last year in college; and i have to graduate soon.
while i'm so lazy to do my research.
i don't even know why i'm sooo lazy.
how can u imagine, day by day i've spent is just abt wake up, fasting, watching tv, playing game, open socmed apps,breakfasting, sleep and sleep, without doing my task while my friends are having a "date" with their research.
till now; i just realized that it's already July and i'm still doing nothing.
i'm already bored to the college's life since last year; it's quite different when i was in first year, i was so exciting and always practicing french day by day like no holiday.
whatta btch me.
hate myself when those problems come; i probably can't handle myself.
wish me tons of spirit to finish my study as soon

okay enough to share this;
abt this look;several days ago, i went to shopping; not really shopping. i met selebgram @nabilazirus and before i met here, i bought a shirt from X.(S.M.L); because it's sale 50%, who doesn't love discount? lol
and i pair with my new skinny jeans from 24:01, and got my newest baby satchel bag from Something Borrowed; my fave boots again to look quirky yet me taller; agree? lol
and voila;

obsessing with hairflip shot like Angie on AsNTM C4



another portrait of moi; am I fierce? lol

those photos was taken by my bestfriend, my best buddy @lutfhi_fadhlani (stalk him on IG)
and this is the last pic from me; taken by me who addict in aesthetic shot

i was wearing:
Shirt: X.(S.M.L); 
Pants: 24:01; 
Boots: thrifted; 
Bag: Something Borrowed; 
Glasses: thrifted; 
Watch: Casio.

get the look on Zalora; and get an extra 15% discount by using my code ZBAPZD18 before checkout.

Thank you for reading; for visiting my blog.

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  1. You're really slim!!! Black really suits you perfectly! xx


  2. Your bag is so cool! Like the minimal look.


  3. Thank you so much :D

    Great outfit. Black is always a good idea. In love with your bag :D

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