Campus Inspo #1

by - 13.02

Hi my love!
Holiday is just almost over; and college's life is coming.
are you ready for start a new day?
Any idea for college's outfit?
Lemme give you some ideas for this.
I wish that you have any preference for going to campus without any doubt to wear something wrong, look acceptable for campus rule but still eye-catchy and stylish.

my friend sent this greeting from Paris; Paris me manque.

Some my followers on Instagram got curious abt what i wear while i go to campus.
and this post is abt recap of campus outfit inspo, and i hope i can share more abt campus look.
Let's start with.......

#1 First look

When you want to wear tshirt but your campus rule isn't accept for those student to wear, you can cover your plain tshirt with pattern shirt to make it neither way casual nor too formal.
pair with black jeans, 'cause black jeans is always acceptable in most and ofc with backpack to bring your books :)

i was wearing..
tshirt: uniqlo
shirt: unbranded
jeans: 24:01
boots: thrifted
bag: converse

#2 Second look

Next; i always love sweater. You can pair your pattern shirt with sweater. Paired with jeans and sneakers, to make it simple and comfy. Not too formal yet casual, get quirky with this satchel bag.
Sleek yet clean kind of look.

i was wearing..
shirt: unbranded
sweater: Ed-Jeh
jeans: 24:01
shoes: unbranded (my friend bought this in Paris)
bag: Something Borrowed

#3 Third look

This look is almost same idea with the second look; but it's longsleeve version lol
I pair my plain black shirt with longsleeve, pattern jeans, boots and tottebag.
I love wearing boots 'cause it's make me feel comfident in everyway i walk. 

i was wearing..
shirt: unbranded
longsleeve: Morrys Portland
jeans: Lee Jeans
boots: unbranded
tottebag: Stargazers (strgz on Instagram)

#4 Fourth look

This is the last look of first campus inspo post now, belongs to all white look.
I mentioned before that i love sweater, this look seems so comfy 'cause i was wearing slip on.
I'm not into a slip on kind of boy; i feel insecure to wear this kind shoes, but this shoes it's different.
When i don't know what shoes that i gonna use, and the times are limited, this shoes is the best shoes that i've picked recently, 'cause it's simple and super comfyyy.

i was wearing..
shirt: unbranded
sweater: unbranded
jeans: mango
shoes: 24:01
tottebag: Stargazers (strgz on Instagram)

Hope those campus look inspired you guys.
Thank you for visiting my blog.

with love, KIKO.

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  1. black and white both look good on you!

  2. Love all the looks on you, Kiko! Definitely rocking the back to school outfits! :Dxx

    1. yay thankyou Daniel! you always made my day xo

  3. This is such a wonderful post! Have a nice day:)

    1. thankyou dear; have a nice day too :)

  4. Ngampus aja kece yah! Kalau aku ngampus biasanya nggembel banget deh ah! Nggak punya waktu playing dress up dulu :( untung syudah lulus! *peace* :D

    Take care,
    Rizuna from A Well-dressed Nerd

    1. biasanya udah prepare malemnya zun hahaha kalo ga sempet pun nanti deh dipost hahaha sebel kan, i'll graduate too soon :)