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hi my love!
last week; i decided to have another all white look; lil sporty kind of look.
the weather is here is cold enough even i wore cropped white jeans.
i don't know why this city is always going to be colder and colder time by time, even the rain doesn't fall everyday.

I rarely wearing short or anything here, cause the weather here is quite cold, it's arround 17 degrees celsius to 20 degrees celsius, and almost everyday.
So, i'm always wearing jacket or longsleeve top, it's make me feel warm as someone hug me lol
and now, i'm trying to make winter kind of look; but i'm wearing cropped white jeans *poor me*
this sneakers too, i rarely wear this shoes, because it's white and made by faux leather that i don't know how to clean it as well :(
any suggest? 
next; i love bag. i love something unique. then i found this transparent tottebag when i went to Tastemarket (food event in Bandung).
i just want to make clean yet sporty look, still comfy and warm as you can see on those pics bellow.

make up by me; just applied bb cream and eyebrow, and put lipbalm to make it simple

Thank you for visiting;

i was wearing,
Top: Uniqlo
Jacket: Vintage Market
Cropped white jeans: thrifted
Bag: Dork ~ @dorkindonesia on Instagram
Shoes: Zalora ~
Watch: Casio

Instagram: @xrzkix

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  1. Thanks a lot, my dear :D
    It's super easy to do :D

    Amazing look as usual :D Minimal is the best idea!

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    InstagramFacebook Oficial PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  2. hi kiko :)

    nice post, and love the whole white look!

    visit my blog ? :) nice to know you

    Stephanie G

  3. That cute bear inside ! <3 Love your all-white look ! Very clean, neat as well, I also adore your pose tho :p



  4. Nice outfit!
    Love how you pull the all white look x