Hello August

by - 10.26

This is the first post on August, and also taken on first august.
if you guys follow me on snapchat, you could know who taken those pics bellow :p
Many hopes that i wish on this month; cause i must extend my college life till this december to graduate, so i have to work harder for my research._.
After it finish, i'll go travel to somewhere; local or even go abroad.
If you guys have any recommendation, comment bellow then :3

If you guys think that i just have monochrome outfit on my closet; you might be wrong :p
I have this cropped denim for daily life. But mostly colors on me still be monochrome palette, kinda 98% monochrome (black, gray, white) and 2% like navy, maroon, brown. Are these colors monochrome too? hehehe
I love oversized things;tshirt or even sweater. Sweater is mine. If i don;t have any idea, i always wear sweater, as outer or top, no matter it's hot or cold, i love sweater. How about you?
Sweater is the easiest fashion items to mix and match, am I rite?
You may pair sweater with pants, skirt, or even dress, and don't forget to wear sneakers to look casual yet comfy but still stylish.
In my current town; Bandung, it has cool temperature, between 16 degrees celsius to 24 degrees celsius. So if you can wear sweater as your daily outfit.
This is me in style with my oversize sweater.

I was wearing
Sweater : Polo
Black Shirt (inner) : thrifted
Jeans : vintage market
Boots: thrifted
Bag: Something Borrowed (Shop on Zalora and get 15% extra discount simply use my code ZBAPZD)
Sunglasses: Uber

Thank you for visiting!
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  1. Love your blog!! <3 You have such an amazing sense for fashion,just love it!!

    I'm following you on GFC and Bloglovin :)


  2. Thanks dear :)

    Awesome look. In love with all pieces :D

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    InstagramFacebook Oficial PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  3. I totally agree with you about sweaters:) I never put my favourite ones away, even in summer! I spend most of my time in an air-conditioned office, so it's totally appropriate, lol. Anyway, your outfit is perfect as always and I wish you a great weekend:)


    1. And you need to collect some sweaters than lol
      Thank you dear xo

  4. Cool pics


  5. You look different with denim. In a better meaning.
    Really ;)

    Well, maroo, brown, navy and white usually called "neutral colors".

    Makin hitz aja kikooo