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hai love!
last friday, in the middle of working during Jakarta Fashion Week, i got invited to attending Timberland New Concept Store at Pacific Place Level 2, Jakarta Indonesia.
As you know, Timberland is the brand that concern abt providing lifestyle footwear and apparel, now they show "Outdoor Lifestyle" and bring the theme "Heritage Reimagined".
What's new next?
Okay, this store has new feature! Yeay it's workshop space. It's new concept in the whole Asia Timberland's store, it means to designed and created an experimental journey of discovery and also to inspire by Timberland's fans directly.

yea i'm here, attending timberland new concept store

yea, as we know that Timberland itself,  has their own signature, Classic Yellow Boot definetely!
But not enough for having a pairs, only plain boots, but you can customise your own Timberland boots, like lace colors or even put your initial name into your own boots, and you can do this only at store! Whoa it's cool, isn't it? I can say cool even moreee!
Not over here, and also the new concept is talking abt Workshop that called "The Boot Room", means a semi-defined space that features the bulk of Timberland's heritage - yea i means their footwear. And also, framing Timberland's "The Icon" wall to tells us abt the story of how brand's iconic yellow boot is crafted.

customise the leater carft

so yea it's mine; my name on it! Love
as i told you on Instagram (if you guys follow me) Timberland itself launchs their new collection as private to media and also bloggers, Brings the theme "The Harvest Gold" for this season. They're using classic silhoutte and newly refined styles, and the colors are warm, such a wheat to amber hues and glowing golds to rich caramels. In this season too, they're creating pieces that are dureable and wearable, and ofcouse highly versatile for days and nights for you who has lots of adventure moment for your outdoorlifestyles. So yea, these are some pics that i took during they presented their new collection.

i love this one; simple yet stylish.

bunch of happiness

spotted PINK BOOT! So cute <3

Last but not least, we as media and bloggers, we was treated by some good meals and beverages by Starbucks. And also some souvenirs like Powerbank, bracelet and mini-classic-yellow-boot with Timberland logo on it.

thankyou kak Nina for having me
So yea, thank you so much Timberland Indonesia @idtimberland for having me. I truly love all the creation on this collections, especially some boots. As you know guys, i love wearing boot, so yea if you guys love the same way I do, go Timberland's store now to get your own premium and customised boot.
See you!

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  1. Thanks my dear :D

    Wooow, great event. I really love Timberland :D

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    1. Pas eventnya banyak yg salfok malah cewek2 haha

  3. nice review
    love this post!!


  4. OMG, seriously the pink boots are really adorable! Timberland knows so well that some ladies may avoid camel-color boots ;p Seems you really enjoy the event as well Kiko, nice post! :)



    1. Yes they are! Love how they treat ladies as well hihi you could see my face, spotted i was happy on that day eventho it was hectic day-_- thankyou kak! Xo

  5. Wow. I just fell in love with the shop trough this post and the photos. Everything looks soo nice and compfy *_*