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hai love!
after working for Jakarta Fashion Week 2017; i have lots of stuff that i should write on my blog.
so yea, now it's my turn writing down ; me featuring x AXE.
Before i write my honest review; so i'll let you know what is ? is e-commerce based in Indonesia, concern for beauty, love and health, for man and also for woman. Go check now!
and it's such an honour for me to do collaboration with them; and they ask me for which one starter pack that i love most, and represent who I am.
these are the starter pack that they ask;
Cowo Kelas represents Arifin Putra
Cowo Kalem represents Chiko Jerikho
Cowo SaBi represents Keenan Pearce
can you imagine what starter pack that represent who I am?

YES OFCOURSE; Cowo SaBi (means man can do everything) is starter pack that i choosed.
because me, a man that loves to try and learn new things in order to can do everything as long as i can. and like him; Keenan Pearce is it role model of Cowo SaBi, so yea in my mind, i want to learn much and can do everything in my whole life; and just because i want to make impacts for other people.
so back to the starter pack;
this is what i got from this starter pack
- AXE Dark Temptation / Body Deodorant
- Roughneck plaid shirt
- Fedora hat
- Love letter

how could you explain about this starter pack? i couldn't say enough; it represents me as real. am I rite? hahahha
in honest review:
by the way, i love this AXE variant, i means, i have another variant, but this one is way better i think. the smells is perffffffect!!! how woman couldn't go if they smell sexy chocolate on man's body? i could say, woman will approach you as they can do and go flirting with you LOL

here are the sneakpeek of me;wearing this plaid shirt from this starter pack. how cool they are?
and look cool on me too? hahah
say yes or you gonna die? hahaha no, i.m just kidding.
tell me the truth is better than you're lying on back.
oh yes, i just dyed my hair but it's not totally good i know.

Thank you for visiting!
Have a great day ahead xo

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  1. cowok sabi starter pack hihihi namanya lucuu, how's the smell? is it good too for a girl? hehehehe


    1. yes indeed kak hehe i guess that smell is way masculine :))


    Just posted my unboxing Cowo Kelas Starter Pack hihi ^^

    Read it on my blogzaine!

    1. Yay! Such a great feeling can do collaborate together, isn' it? Haha thankyou kak! I'll check yours then

  3. Cowo sabi suits you well!

    Take care,
    Rizuna from A Well-dressed Nerd

    1. Nyawww thankyou Zuna! You always made my day xo

  4. Lol, they are so creative on naming the products! Hahahaha. It suits you well :) nice review btw!

    1. hahaha i know rite! omg thankyouuuu dear! xo

  5. Love everything about this post! So cute!
    Love, Hadasah Love | Instagram @hadasahlove

  6. Nice post :)

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