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Well, hello love!
I'm back in combining fashion and lifestyle in one post haha because recently i become an aesthetic and coffee hunter, even i do it alone.... Yes, go somewhere alone is my favourite "me time" ever, and meet coffee is my happinness too.
It's been maybe late for posting this outfit but i try to keeping up my blog so hard, while graduating is still on progress *i'm totally insane of reaching my bachelor degree :(
So, when i have no schedule of meeting my lecturer, i decided to have "me time" when weekend is just arround the corner and christmas is coming soon too.
Keep reading this till end then babies!

As we know. everyone needs their me time, so do I.
Then i decided to have a fancy lunch yet minimalism too, so i came to a newest cafe in town while i do vlogging too by using my phone hahaha *bcz my camera can't record video :( i'll change it soon ya~
And this post belongs to my favorite Indonesian designer; local brand is the best thing to appreciate local designer as i where belong. Yea, bcz i'm basic kind of human, especially of styling my own outfit.

Well, back to talking of this cafe that i came lately. This cafe can be found at Cilaki street (behind of Gedung Sate) Bandung, Indonesia. It concept is white, minimalist, and have a garden on it. So chic! I'll give 9/10 for it interior, i die for this. But sadly bcz they just have limited seats so you guys must to reserve first before come in, and luckily i am when i went there, i have my own seats when it was weekend, and the cafe just launched.
For the food too, i was impressed by their service. Dori rice box was delicious! I super love and recommended too~ so you guys must try it~
Since i became a coffee hunter, i drunk a tiramisu créme brulé and green thai tea. The first one was nice, but the green thai tea was lil bit bitter, but i love them too, but i recommend their créme brulé haha

Well, talking about the outfit that i already mentioned, i simply wore basic outfit, yet supporting local designer by wearing their lastest pieces. Yash, it's DANJYO HIYOJI! Check them out here.
I love wearing basic, but put a quirkinness on it, it's my own style, bcz why not?
Favoriting this pants too, it has a cropped at the right place lol (bcz it's hard to find the right pants when i'm wearing boots) haha and it's Uniqlo, my fave brand. And it's black too!
Yes especially it was weekend, i let dressing up on basic yet comfy.
Ups, spotted too my faded out blue hair haha, but i'll change them into a light one soon, after i graduate i promise.

Well, i hope you guys enjoy to reading this post; thankyou for visiting!
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i was wearing;
headband unbranded - black #wearedanjyohiyoji tees danjyohiyoji - pants uniqlo - sneakers primark.

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  1. Ah you seem had a quality me time Kiko! About the cafe, well, that cafe is totally my style! All white! I feel like I can take lot of picture in any different angle and spam them to my IG feed, lol! Anyway, I just realized that you're younger than me! hahahaha~ good luck on your thesis Kiko!



    1. Thank you kakk! We have a similar style of finding spot hihi hopefully can have a me time with u soon! xo

  2. I am in love with the cafe's minimalist decor! Such a great place to go on weekend time.

    1. Yea i know rite! let's comin here soon, maybe? xo