Yoghurt Time

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Hello love!
I'm back this year as foodies too hahaha
Well,, few days ago, there's a friend on Instagram asked me to join on food testing on his new pop up store in Paris Van Java mall, Bandung. So yea because he loves my basic photography skills lol yea he loves my instagram feed, and his store is very me haha if you guys know me so well, you may know why.
Food testing with chef Martin Praja (@martinpraja on Instagram)
so here are my honest review and my captured moments.

Well, for me yoghurt is my fave beverage yet healthy drink to consume for everyday. So, when somebody asked me to join to food testing,i never to refuse it.
About this place, located at the front of Paris Van Java mall, so white yet minimalist, you can't even t refuse to take ootd there *because you can find the good spot with the good natural lightning of capturing moment.
About the food and beverage, i will say this is the perfect place to hang out while the weather is way hotter or even colder. And such a perfect combination of mixing coffee and yoghurt *if you love coffee as i do, but don't worry if you don't, because they serve yoghurt with fresh fruits, so what's new? It taste itself has a different when you drink first, the plain yoghurt taste is incredible fresh yet nor too sour, neither too sweet.

whend all foddies tried to taking pictures

mixing yoghurt with chocolate and coffee never feel so good

The ambiance of this pop-up store of Yoforia is amazing; minimalism; clean and white.So very me <3 Their furniture all made by wood and it lifts the minimalism sense, and i love it.

yoghurt mix with cranberries, super fresh!

table situation of testing food and drink

So, if you guys are in Bandung, just let me know to discover more coffee and food!
By the way, thank you @yoforiaid (on Instagram) for having me! Thank you for treated me like a prince haha they're so kind, i swear.
*all pics taken using Sony A290

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Happy New Year 2017 babes!
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