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Well, hello everyone!
I'm finally back here, about sharing my personal style. I know it's been late to share on the blog while i already posted long long ago on my Instagram. But let me share the details and the story behind.
Everybody will be selfish at the time, because it comes naturally on every human being. But being selfish itself, i always feel guilty why it should happen on me, what should I do when the selfish comes to me and lots questions that i've been thinking about selfish.

Because, once i feel selfish, i can't control that feeling, even too much feeling i could show up.
Yes, lately i'm becoming selfish, even worse. I don't know what the factors behind, but everytime the selfish comes, i'm surely hard to think clearly till something bad happens to me. I probably will blame myself why i should do this.
My closest friends are always telling me to be wiser, to be open minded, about what i've been thinking lately. But me, always close my mind to share with them. Eventho they already knew that i'm such hard to tell my problems, they're always be with me. 
But you may take this into a positive mind. Sometimes, selfish will hurt anybody, because you;ll do your own bussiness without looking arround. In fact, we're always encourage to help people before we help ourselves, untill eventually people will take the advantage of you. In this case, you need to be selfish a bit too much, in order to leads to exhaustion, and ironically often hurts the people you intended to help, and it works. Because, sometimes it's necesarry to be selfish in order to provide an understanding to the people to not to dependence on others.
In those photos were taken by tripod, in order to show up that i don't want to dependence to my friends, i can do all by myself. So here are these photos that i shared now. 
Yes, spotted i changed my hairstyle and glasses. I didn't know who inspired this but i literally want to look different in this year,  even the style would be changed, but my personality won't ever change.
Oh yes fellas, i tried to make a quick lookbook abt this look on my youtube channel, for the first time filming using my phone and self-timer and of course using tripod haaha. What do you think?

Thank you for stop by on my blog; hope you enjoy!
Don't hesitate to ask me on social media or mail me on KIKOKIM@OUTLOOK.COM for any inquiries.
See you and byeeeee! xo

i was wearing:
button shirt : unbranded - biker jacket : thrifted store - cotton pants : uniqlo - shoes : bought in Primark (cheap store in Paris) - glasses : vintage - watch : casio - bag : Stargazer (@strgz on Instagram)

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  1. Sukak banget bajunya :D

  2. In love with ur outer. nice look kikkkkoooo!

    LuckyArd Blog

  3. Love this whole black look, kiko! I really love wearing biker jackets recently, they never go out of style!

  4. Thanks a lot :D

    you look absolutelly great :)

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