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This time I had the opportunity to introduce Drop Bali Coconut Beauty Oil to you guys. I guess you guys already heard this product as ordinary coconut oil, but this product is not just ordinary coconut oil. What makes this product different from the usual we know? Read more~

What is Drop Bali Coconut Beauty Oil? What's make Drop Bali different?
Drop Bali is hand-pressed coconut oil (not mass produce) in Ubud, Bali, high in natural saturated fats, rich in nutrients, and antioxidants to enchance their natural radiance. And Drop itself harnesses the essence of the tropics by collecting only the finest coconuts grown in the pristine jungles of Bali. The result is the finest virgin oil on earth which can be perfect for nourishing your skin and hair while enhancing your natural radiance.

As i mentioned before that Drop Bali Coconut Beauty Oil is perfect for nourishing skin and hair; i'll share about the function of this coconut beauty oil.

First, it can be used as face and skin moisturizer. (i just use as skin moistuizer, because my face is oily)
Second, it can be used as make-up remover (i swear, it works really good, especially if you guys are wearing waterproof make-up, smokey eyeshadow, it can easily remove in one swap)
Third, it can be used as deep conditioner (i use this twice for a week, and it makes my hair smooth)
Fourth, it can be used as sunburn relief (when you just had fun in beach and it can relieve burning skin as well)
Last, it can be used as massage oil (trust me, i always ask my personal massagers to use this and i love it)

Drop Bali Coconut Beauty Oil is packed with designed glass bottle, complete with a dropper that can be used to measure how much oil we will use. I personally really love the packaging itself, because it's handy and travel-friendly, also not easy to leak.

How i coulnd't love this product when everything I need is just one bottle. So what are you waiting for?

AND don't forget to purchase on www.dropbali.com and get 10% discount by quote my special code "XRZKIX" before you check out. So, grab yours now.

Drop Bali Coconut Beauty Oil
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