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hi loveeee
if you followed me on Instagram; you guys already know that i joined #KayXFreshkon flatlay competition; and finally I got the third winner....
now gonna make an unboxing post; what's inside this box bellow~
*sorry for my fckin bareface yet excited*

As you can see; this box is full of happinness. I'm so impressed that they gave these things i could play with..
There are contact lens with two types; ten packs of one day disponsable lenses and one pack alluring eyes for 6 months, freshkon clear multi-purpose solution, masami shuoko pouch and eye shader brush, kay lashes, koji lashes and Kay's voucher 50k. 
So happy i can playyyy with these things..

 1. Freshkon Alluring Eyes (Windsome Brown)

after using contact lense and Kay's lashes (up) and before (bottom)

For the very first time; i can feel nothing on my eyes and it's crazyyy.. i can see the world as clear as normal eyes but i feel normally seeing.. So impressed... The colour really blends my eyes colour; like you wear nothing but you can see the world as well. your eyes look bigger and brighter but in good way. i freakin loveeee this!!! you should try it of course..

2. Freshkon Colors Fusion One Day Disposable Lenses (Shimmering Gray)

This is the solution that i really want to.. Look stunning just one day at the perfect moment; yes this is the key. Your eyes gonna look so stunning; yet clear seeking the world. Like you wear nothing; this is my saver for rocking my precious moment. The colour looks amazing; really blend the eyes and natural; not too bright. I love this too!!

3. Freshkon Clear Multi-Purpose Solution

My first love; my forever solution for my contact lense issue, because it suits for sensitive eyes and i know i'm. You can use this for lots; to clean, to rinse, to remove proteins, as disinfects, as lubricant and as stores. And the bottle looks so damn big and it's afforfable also.

4. Masami Shuoko Professional Eye Shader Brush No.47

Masami shuoko never fails me. The brush is really damn good. Easy to use. Synthetic and i love it.. Maybe one thing that i dislike... the colour hahaha cause it comes in pink :" i wish they have in dark colour perhaps, but i trully love this brush.

5. Masami Shuoko Pouch (Up, Left); Koji Eye Lashes No.05 (Up, Right).
Masami Shuoko Eye Shader Brush No.47 (Bottom, Left), Kay Eye Lashes Size 26mm (Bottom, Right)

i personally so surprised that they sent me beauty hamper. I love that brush and Kay's lashes because they are super super good; esp those lashes are totally fave. But i give these things to my mom because she received that box first before i arrive at home; and she's so curious and she asks me to have those things; i couldn't say no to her so yea i gave them to her then. And she's totally loving them so much. And I super happy too because she's happy :)

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  1. thanks :D

    wooow, all products sounds amazing. I really love this kind of boxes!

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  2. Hi, these products sound cool.
    Maggie Dallospedale

  3. Such cool products, thanks for sharing!

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