Monday, babe?

by - 21.50

Hi love!
how was your day peeps? is it good?
hope your day always filled with joy and love.
monday sounds messy, aren't you?

well, people might hate monday so much because you need to be back on working, again? while friday night is one thing that we need for hahaha
i feel you.
no, i'm freelancer but ya i feel you.
living surrounded by people who works from monday to friday, I see people always complaining when monday comes, but then friday comes, they're absolutely happy.
Don't ever underestimate monday like this. Start a week in good mood and end up in good mood too. Enjoying every single day and cherish the moment even better, spread love and positive mind anytime, and you'll be happy forever and ever.
Hope your day always colourful as my photos <3
Cheers to monday!
Talking about my outfit today; i'm wearing all black as usual from head to toe. Got this Amaya Black Shirt from @sokothelabel. Loving this shirt a bit too much; love how the minimal-clean-plain-black shirt at the front, but gorgeous-sexy details on the back. Swing mood level high~~ Wearing sneakers because it's monday? Forget me, sneakers are the best choices to walking in comfort and comfidence.

 oh yes, I'm wearing @freshkonindonesia one-day disposable lenses Colors-Fushion in Shimmering Gray. Feeling fabulous as well!!!

what i was wearing:
top - @sokothelabel  
pants - @cloth_inc for Bobobobo
shoes - Primark
bag - blibli
bag strap - @veofficial
contact lense - @freshkonindonesia


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  1. Oh my! That top is amazing! Love your minimal style! ❤

    Ellone | Minimal Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Hello Kiko!
    I feel the same way, ngerasain jd freelancer dan liat org2 ributin weekdays hehehe. Anyway love your top! So sexy and you look great in it!<3


  3. mata itu lagiiii hahahaha sukaaa sukaa selalu sama style kamu :3
    btw, finally i've followed you hahaha

  4. Suka banget pleated detailing at the back OMG ! Sooo surprising yet so stylish <3 Love the look sooo much!