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by - 10.28

Hello love!
Finally post a new thing here; styling time!!
Well, the weather's here is becoming colder and rainy everywhere.
Since i've told you that i'm living in this beautiful tropical country,
Indonesia has two season; dry season and rainy season.
But dressing myself like a winter, because why not?

I know i'm such obsessed to winter style. Wearing long coat, boots, and everything to keep me warm, i'm just too obsessed. Just because snow doesn't come arround here, but the weather's here is about colder than usually, like 16 degrees celsius (normally arround 21-22 degrees) then i keep myself warm yet so stylish at the same time, because I am.
Strolling the city and dressing in confidence, i feel like everyone sees me arround~ do I look like fabulous?

Talking about style transition to Spring/Summer to Fall/Winter won't so hard as you might know. I usually wear short shirt, trousers and mules, but the fall/winter comes, i just add some stuffs, like long coat or jacket, and change mules into a boots, and so simply stylish also keep you warm as well. And voila, you look like a parisien chic kind of style afterwards.
But spring/summer itself has lots of range colors and pattern you can wear, despite of fall/winter, the pantone color looks alike deep colors, olive green, navy blue, and saddy colors, less pattern, and many more, but it depends on how you dressed yourself on your way, i keep myself in less color and less pattern.

From the very fresh Fashion Week, there's a lot trends, from shoes, bag till the patterns, the fabrics. But lemme tell you for upcoming spring/summer 18 trends are artsy, glitters extravaganza, flurry of feathers, 80s shoulders, sportwear (i know the trends are on going, but it'll be on trends on next SS18 also), Red everywhere, plastic fantastic (it's kinda happening now), deconstructive trench coat (like i'm wearing now), cowboy, tropicana, denim on denim, country garden (flowery dress i'm obsessed), fringes, and loootttsss! Better to catch up and be ready for ss18 coming real soon.

The most important, dont you ever feel upgrade your old clothes will be so hard. Make it easy, simple, also stylish.

Thanks to @irrawaw for taking me these pics bellow. Check her IG for an amazing portofolio.

what i was wearing:
top - @sokothelabel (inner)
coat - calvin klein
pants - uniqlo
shoes - mine
bag - @quincylabel @shopee_id
sunnies -


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  1. so cool!! really love the sunnies <3

    Cheer, Michelle ~

  2. Looking so good babe! I also loveeee winter style very much, almost all of my authentic vintage outfits was made for winter, but sadly winter doesn't come in our country :')