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Hello love!
How are you? I hope you're doing great.
I am in the hardest part of my life... no, kidding.
but leaving the city where you found out your own happiness for long time, is such nerve-racking.

It's not an easy thing when you feel comfort already with the situation, the ambiance, and lots, and you have to quit. I feel myself enjoying every moment for every each time, meanwhile I am in the situation that I have to choose.
I know that life is a choice, and every each of you has to decide and choose the life that you'll take.
And the goodbye isn't always bad thing. You know right?
Goodbye is a new hello.
Goodbye doesn't mean you end up your journey, but it's a new start of your new journey.
I'm not sad nor happy, but i feel extremely blessed.
God has the best plan for each of us, and His plans will lead us into a better life.
One thing that I keep on my mind is....
"I have to take risk, to know how much you deserve a better life and to grow up as a person"
And, this time is the time, I have to take risk and say hello to my new yet better life.

So, you decide now or never.

what i was wearing:
shirt- h&m
pants  - saint laurent
shoes - 24:01
coat - calvinklein
sunnies - @karamata_id
bag - miniso


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  1. Good luck, Kiko! I wish you well and success yah.

    So much love from Surabaya :*

  2. aaaa always love your style !!
    Kapan kapan harus ketemu yah kita <3

  3. Smart banget stylingnya Kiko ! Awalnya aku pikir ini one piece top lo, ternyata kombinasi shirt & coat , nice! <3


  4. Omo Kiko, I love your styling! Kece banget sumpah, you look fab! <3