Burning Red

by - 22.57

hi love
right after moving myself in Jakarta, i can meet my blogger friends easily because most of my blogger bae are living in this town. so happy!
and this is the first time having fun with the girls without any event that we would be attended hehehehe...
presenting Cyndi  who sat down on left beside me, with her coolness yet pretty in black and red color.
Rima who sat down on right beside me with her quirkiness hijab colorful girl.
Fia  who stood on right, with her pretty hijab chic.
and last, Karina who stood on left, momma soon-to-be, i'm happiest friends~~
check their blog peeps and find out their coolness!!

obsessing myself in color, especially RED.
this color is gonna be my fave pantone color of this year.
red represents bold, strong, brave and also freedom.
i wish i could be represent these caracters by wearing red.
yup i'm feeling burn baby burn.

spotted my new babies chelsea boots from Hush Puppies!
find out on www.hushpuppies.co.id and shop now!
Free shipping all across Indonesia~~

what i was wearing:
shirt- unbranded
pants  - spotlight
coat- calvin klein
shoes - Hush Puppies
bag - Miniso
watch - zecawatches.com
quote my code "KIKO18" before checking out and get privilage 40% discount.


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  1. Iiiih kesayangan-kesayangan akuuuu <3
    you look totally different when you wear color, ko! I SUPER LOVE IT!

    Btw, langsung up aja ya nih artikelnya setelah foto-foto :D rajin bats sumpah bangga aku pada dirimu :'D

    Take care,
    Rizuna from A Well-dressed Nerd

  2. I guess you were the tallest among them, that's why you're on the chair! Ahaha~

  3. I am so obsessed with red recently too, Kiko! You'll totally killing this look!! xo


  4. you guys looks so BOMB! <3

    cheer, michelle ~ https://livedreammagic.blogspot.co.id/

  5. Red , never fail !
    btw, miss you gaissss !!!