What's Up Monday?

by - 12.50

hello babe
last weekend well spent with these babies.
like a full of chit chat, eating lots of foods and shopping,
cause all these things are our best medicine when we're too stress of our daily basis.

aldi, me and sonya

well, our outfit is just so similar tone cause we simply love monochrome as well.
and my outfit belongs to my all time fave one set blazer and pants with the timeless pattern on earth.
pairing with black turtleneck to give an extra feeling, and sneakers!
Love my new sneakers from FILA. Because it simply gives an extra tall and clean all the way.
it gives you an easy breazy monday work-wear inspo when nothing to wear to start a day like mine.
and also mentioning my all time fave transparent bag filld with my clutch to feel safe.

easy breazy monday work-wear inspo

what i was wearing:
turtleneck - uniqlo
blazer&pants - popolucathelabel
shoes - fila
bag - dork indonesia
clutch - prototypers
sunnies - lazada


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  1. I would totally rock the exact same outfits as this one, Kiko! I really love those white chunky fila shoes but never pull the trigger to buy them hahaaaaa!