When in Garut - Travel Diary

by - 10.54

hello babe
it's been a while to go outside when too busy in the rush of working (actually just went to city-side for work purpose but i did enjoy that moment tbh)
i went to Garut (one of the city-side, near Bandung)
not too expect that much, but i felt good at that time.


first thing first: took some ootds while had a travelling.
and wore lots of new fashion stuffs and gonna share soon!
typical of korean-japanese street future style into my current obsession, my current crush.
kind of loving the oversized blazer too much and wearing it like almost errrr-day.

the hotel i stayed in for 3 days; i slept in the newest hotel in this city (like they didn't even launch the hotel but we already stayed in lol)
located in Cipanas (terlebih lagi dibawah kaki pegunungan yang notabenenya dingin dan berkabut pada malam ke pagi hari, tapi luar biasa viewnya, kinda love it!)
ga terlalu bagus but i could say it's quite good, mungkin karena masih tergolong baru, dengan harga promo di IDR 450K dari harga normalnya start di IDR 800K.

and i found the peaceful spot right behind the hotel i stayed in.
look at that pic!
i'm spoiled by the view~

while in Garut; found so many foods and spot that i already missing for.

while in Garut: work purpose
i did styling (if you know what i'm doing for living)

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  1. You're nailing the styling work, Kiko! *FEELING INSPIRED*!!!