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it's been forever to not even post anything here but if you guys know how much i'm missing to post on my blog and create something more, and now i'm here, i'm trying to make this blog way more productive as ever.

I won't share lots today, but at least i'm tryin to tell you my current life (even you wouldn't know, but i would let you know hahahaha)
First thing first, i do apologize to not post anything meanwhile i make some contents right on my instagram page (@xrzkix, just in case you missed this). I'm too busy to make a content every single day (but i always make my free-time even productive, find lots materials to share about and tell this to the world, i try my best to do this regularly).
Aku sendiri sedang berada di sebuah fase dimana sedang bertahan dalam sebuah pekerjaan yang dimana aku sendiri tidak sangat menguasai tetapi aku selalu mencoba melakukannya dengan baik, meskipun selalu ada saja issues yang datang secara dadakan atau bahkan aku yang buat itu sendiri ada, tetapi aku selalu mencoba untuk meminimalisir kesalahan itu.
Being the person that everyone really want into, while me just struggling into this person, is kinda hard, really. I always push myself to do better and better, but once i got a problem, i blame myself. I try to share the story, but sometimes my introvert side is way dominant, i couldn't handle it at the moment.
Does anyone feel the same way? How you handle this issues when it comes to you?

what i was wearing:
dress- massilca
coat - calvin klein 
pants - unbranded
shoes - stradivarius
bag - strgz
sunglasses - unbranded
watch - zecawatches.com


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  1. Semangat Kak Kiko! Selalu suka lihat konten IG kakak , dan blogpost kakak :)
    One thing that should be remembered, don't forget to enjoy what you've been through now, sukses kak!