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after going nowhere and even losing my spirit to make another post, so here i am.
bumped myself into my old vintage vibes, and styling them with my current androgyny twist.

i felt myself lose to doing anything about styling myself and making content, but here i am, the spirits just come in the right time, i feel recharge, and reborn....
did you know that i was kinda vintage person few years before? 
i was sooo vintage kinda styling and colorful and so old, i knew it.
and transforming myself that style to my current androgyny style with monochrome twist.
i feel definitely recharge and reborn in some ways.
having a crush with pattern recently and  make it real by now. 
this stripe pants really makes myself even taller cause it's horizontal kinda stripe. maybe you can take it as your advantage if you want to look taller. my androgyny moment when wearing this glitter socks boots, i'm way taller as ever.
feeling korean look by wearing these kind of glasses matchy match with my hair color.
rate me pls for this look? i'm waiting~~

what i was wearing:
shirt, blazer, pants - thrifted
shoes - forever21
bag - unbranded
sunglasses - unbranded
watch -


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