Fashion Trip to Hongkong Part 1

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Hi everyone.
It's been so long right to not even update anything on blog.
I was so busy nowadays, but recently I traveled to Hong Kong for work purpose.
Going to tell you how's about this trip special for me.

How excited I was at the moment when asked me "am I ready to win the trip to HongKong and be their fashion influencer for 3 months?" and i absolutely said YES.
Long short story; there's a  competition from about OOTD and winning fashion trip to Hong Kong, yet also become their fashion influencer. And one of my friend asked me to join while i took photos of her to join that competition, and i was kinda confusing tbh. But then i'm trying eventho not even hoping that wishes, till the moment they announced i was hoping that soo much like every single prays. And God knows best that He made it real, I won cause His blessing is real..

Friday, December 14th 2018, we all the winners (there's 9 winners fyi) gathered in's office and we need to pack our stuffs that they already prepared for us, also they gave some informations to us about this trip and contract. I absolutely felt mesmerized since day 1 haha because it means so much for my journey ahead. And at 7 pm we went to the airport cause we have to flight at  11.30 pm haha yeah it wasn't too early but we have to wait and catching up together before the trip begun.

Day 1
We visited Lok Wah Estate. They firstly planned visiting 2 places in that day and 2 looks per place, in total 4 looks for a day. But ended up only one place and 2 looks. Could you imagine? This isn't a vacation trip btw, it's photoshoot trip, we become Official Lifestyle Influencer and they wanted us to be a good influencer, from how to take photos properly, had a video shoot too, and how to socialize in their official social media.
Btw we stayed in around Causeway Bay, in Rosedale Hotel. The hotel wans't big enough for two people with 3 big luggage per person haha but we just knew that lots of hotels there arent big enough space since it costs pricey, am I right?
Look pertama yang dipilihkan oleh stylistnya adalah long coat dari Wellborn Company dan dipadukan dengan pink trousers, white sneakers from Puma, dan i personally add something more my style by wore beret hat and black turtleneck top as an inner to complete the look.
Dan look kedua aku dipilihkan soft pink stripes shirt dipadukan dengan Levi's Denim Pants and also Fossil bag, and voila i looked like a korean boy in college hahaha

Look 1

Look 2

the famous Lok Wah Estate 

Day Two
We visited Graham Street and West District Public Cargo also Instagram Pier. And btw, day 2 i already well prepared about the weather, it isn't cold enough for me since I usually get into this kind of weather for so long then I never feel that cold. Apalagi 2 look aku di lokasi ini cukup biasa, look 1 aku memakai pink shirt lengan pendek dan short dari Wellborn Company, aku padukan dengan long shirt sebagai luaran biar ga terkesan kosong. Dan look ke 2 aku memakai atasan lengan pendek dari @ts.the.label bahan scuba dan celana denim, dipadukan dengan long vest milik pribadi.

-Graham Street-
Look 1

I met my long-lost blogger friend, Daniel Poon from thedanieloriginals !!!!!!!!
Well, one day before i told him that I'll flight to HK for good, and I was hoping I could meet him in person eventho i was in rush schedule but who knows? But then i tried to contact him thru DMs on Instagram and he replied excitedly and we moved to chat on whatsapp, i told him where i could be around at that day, and he accepted the time and the place we could possibly meet (fyi, i didn't even buy sim-card neither pocket wifi, i just stucked with sharing pocket wifi or public wi-fi, so you could imagine how it was). We decided to meet each other in Graham Street at 10am (but sadly i was late, he already messaged me 15 mins before i arrived BUT WE FINALLY MET!!!!!!!! He found me when i was photographed, also I saw him right after i wore back my glasses (hehe i take my glasses off when having a photoshoot) 
I've never ever imagine about meet person thru blogging who's living in different country, i'm feeling so much grateful that I could make it, really. I cry! 
He's so kind, humble, obviously stylish (did you prepare them all to meet me in monochromatic to match with me? but sadly i wore pink shirt hehehe).

i had a street photo session in front of this coffee shop, and Mega told me that the barista is looking the way I do during the photo session and smiling to me hahaha but sadly I couldn't see the way he smiled at.

Selanjutnya aku post untuk ceritanya di next post yaaa:)

*dan aku akan post foto-fotonya yang lebih proper dari fotografernya ya*

what i was wearing:
look 1
turtleneck top - uniqlo
long coat - wellborn company x [shop here]
trousers - papercut men for [shop here]
shoes - puma
hat- pull&bear
belt - unbranded

look 2
shirt - Ben & Bella for
pants - levi's
bag - fossil
shoes - puma

look 3 (pic is coming soon)

scuba top - TS The Label for

pants - levi's
shoes - Brodo for

look 4

pink shirt - Ben & Bella for

pants - wellborn company for
long black shirt - milik pribadi
shoes - Brodo for
hat- unbranded

look 5 (pic is coming soon)
Sweater - Champion available on
pants - levi's
shoes - puma

look 6 (pic is coming soon)
green floral shirt - Ben & Bella for
white shirt - h&m
pants - puma
shoes - puma


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  1. I'm genuinely so happy we finally could meet in person!!! You're very kind and stylish, Kiko!! Hopefully we could meet again when I go to Jakarta or you go to HK!

  2. Wow! so impressive, I think I fell in love with your dress sense. You look so great handsome. Great pictures.
    The Glossychic
    Wonder Cottage

  3. Foto” nya bagus” bgt ko💯 Outfitnya keren parah