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it's always me, back to the right place; updating blog more often for new year resolution.
will writing and posting about anything I like even better.
Hope you enjoy it!

I've been losing my inner confidence to look out about myself when it comes about physical appearance, yes I'm kind of ugly person. I always feel bad and insecure about my face, my height, my weight, body posture and many more, since I'm way skinny, ugly, dark skin-tone, unusual fashion sense, and lots. I started to feel worry because lots of people starring at me like "hell yeah who are you? or you're so freak-weird and silly yet annoying to see" yeah something like that, and i'm feel way worse when I joined as an e-commerce campaign influencer, the other looks way better, way prettier way more handsome also good looking, while me.... ya that's it. I just have crazy fashion sense with knowledge about editorial and fashion, something like unusual, or whatever you named it as. But somehow I received lots compliments during photo-shoot, and the stylist itself told that I have an unique face and easy to direct since many models out there has it. I feel so overwhelmed a bit when it comes about physical appearance.
Did you ever feel so underestimate? Tell me what's yours.

what i wore:
sheer top - unbranded
blazer top - amygo [shop here]
pants - thrifted 
accesories - tha official
shoes - forever 21
hat - unbranded 


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  1. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, and so are you, Kiko!!! You always have the best fashion sense. Always believe in yourself! x

  2. Be confident! You are amazing and the fact that you have a unique sense of style gives you ALL the points! I love your style here, I am all about an 'all black' outfit, they are my favorite. And where you decided to take the picture, it really works!
    Keep your head up! You are amazing!

    xx, Des |

  3. Terus semangat koπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» Jgn menyerah dan percaya diri heheheπŸ’–