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hello everyone~
it's been too long to not sharing about my current life (besides my beauty post) into this blog post, so here I am..

What's up everyone? How's life?
Never expected I would share this story into this blog post since I haven't had a chance to tell, and even confidence enough, but the wait is over, sharing is caring, not so pleasing everyone, but lemme tell you something once you share your life and dunno what's to do, many people may help you in many ways (my extrovert feeling is way strong atm).
Okay, couple months ago, I quit from my job (where actually I moved in another TV in the beginning of the year). I felt better once I got this at very first time, but it turned out worse, I won't tell why, but the most important thing when you're working, your work environment must be good besides your job descs are clear enough as your contract, and another important thing is your team should help each other.
Once I quit, many opportunities that I got, even unexpected things just come all of sudden. I started to share about beauty and lifestyle stuffs to my current life. Not gonna lie, it helps my income, better than my expectation. But not gonna move to the base that I started this blog, I expanded this blog way way better, hopefully it will bigger and better.
Talking about my outfit today, y'all know that I'm obsessed to editorial look, magazine, and androgyny edgy feeling, and all elements I brought into this whole look, completed by the iconic accessories by @howtobestrangers, they are always generous and know better to make my look even bold and chic, statement all the time.

what i wore:
blazer - thrifted
sheer dress - custom made
pants - lovo the label
bag - unbranded
candy bag strap - @tytyneeds (
necklace -  @howtobestrangers (
shoes - puma
hat - unbranded (bought it when in Bali)


thank you for stopped by.
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