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it's been forever not sharing anything besides fashion and beauty till I forget that I also share anything in lifestyle section, or I just share about it on my other social media? Well, not disclaiming any business post but I truly share this because I'm consuming this for years then I share it to you fellas.

Oh hallo, #kikotalksaboutlifestyle is landed safely to this page just for y'all but lemme tell you something, I'm consuming anything that I like till I forget about how is it good for my health or is this giving bad impact to my metabolism or something? And the calories that I consume each meal or beverage, does it enough for my daily needs or above normal? Yet also, the sugar that I eat (did you know that I'm kinda sugary dairy person like everyday I consume them all?? I do consume sweet and milk like every single day but I never tested about my blood tense), somehow I need to think wise about what I consume everyday, to balance my body needs.

Why this is so important; living these days I personally feel hard to hold my appetite and even eat anything in front of me, also working in Fashion & Beauty industry somehow make me realized about how to be health till then I found the only yoghurt that I believe it works on my body, to keep me health and my body metabolism becomes better as ever.                                                                                          

Besides my confession of the things that I need, I believe in Yoforia since the day I know it few years back. Maybe some of you guys didn't know what is Yoforia? Do you?

Yoforia is a fresh yoghurt that has live probiotics and fresh yoghurt doesn't go through any process such as UHT (ultra-high-temperature) process after it becomes yoghurt, then the bacteria stay alive. It sounds interesting, isn't it? And not all yoghurts that you found out there are exactly fresh yoghurt, because it goes through some processes that may some bacteria has died and the advantage of the bacteria itself is gone already.

What is Probiotics? And why Probiotic is important? Well, probiotic include 'good' bacteria and they are live microorganism that can be consumed through fermented food or suplement. And talking the importance of probiotic, these are the reasons why:

1. Probiotic help balance the friendly good bacteria in your metabolism
2. Probiotic also could help prevent and treat diarrhea
3. Probiotic may reduce the severity of certain allergies and eczema
4. Probiotic may help your immune system
5. Probiotic may lose your weight and stay healthy
(source: healthline)

And Yoforia contains live probiotics so that the taste isn't too acidic and even more creamy, I personally have tested their plain yoghurt and their taste is so damn delicious, creamy and not so sour at all. Now, they develop their product range way wider, from the packaging to the flavour range that I never expect they all tastes are so good.

Another reason why Yoforia, because they also contain dietary fiber from natural citrus fruits, so the texture becomes very soft and it's suitable for dieting as I mentioned before. Whoever to try to lose weight, it might be good for you (because I'm not in diet program but want to stay healthy with this).

As I'm telling to you about their flavour range is obviously wider as before, they have Peach Delight, Berry Smooth, Lychee Blast (one of my fave after coffee cream), Blueberry Good, Authentique (which is their original yoghurt), Coffee Cream and Soursop Bliss (totally unique flavour I never expect that they will taste as good as the other, trust me I love their coffee cream since at the beginning).

As you guys know, I'm not the only one who consume this like everyday, I also share it to my family and friends to stay healthy. One small step is taking a big meaning in the future, so share it to your loves to live even healthier.

Hope this post could help you, to achieve your body goals or even live healthy as I do. #SayaPilihyangFresh #YoghurtwithProbiotics

we all love Yoforia ❤️



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  1. thanks for sharing kaa😍 btw i really like your styleee really” wkwk

  2. minuman probiotik bagus bgt buat pencernaan😍

  3. Aku suka banget minuman yogurt. Selaain rasanya manfaatnya juga banyak banget. Thanks for sharing ka