Self Quarantine

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Hello babe!
It's been long time not sharing anything on blog, and currently the world seems not so okay as we already knew. It's crazy scary situation I've ever been, isn't it?

Everyone stay at home, and do social distancing. Everybody starts to work at home, and the whole industry hits down as I expected, also the scariest for employees over the whole country. Yes, Indonesia starts to lock down the country and it becomes worse. But i don't want to spread more negativity in this pandemic period.

I stay home alone ever since, I currently find lots of fun activities that I rare to do in my routine— even lots of people does the same thing; such as cooking, work out, sun bathing etc.

Living as an ambivert, somehow i found it's fine to be alone, to stay at home longer, to not going anywhere and do social distancing etc, but it isn't an easy tho, i need to socialize with human, i'm just an ordinary human after all. Another thing that makes me feel worry yet scary and afraid because I live far away from home, I live alone in this big city, could you imagine how it's gonna be? No need, no need to imagine of living alone as I do. Be blessed and stay healthy.

Talking about living alone, I always start a day with sun bathing followed by breakfast ( I usually rare to take take breakfast, but now I am...), exploring myself by open Pinterest to make myself sane to create content. After lunch, i create content— from beauty videos, even editorial photoshoot home edition then I posted bellow, to keep me productive. And the night comes, I call my friends— voice call or video call, to feel alive, to keep you healthy mentally and physically, and don't forget to take any vitamins every day. 

I try myself hard to be productive, to spend a day with something useful and develope anything I could do while stay at home; such as learning lots of new experiences, in my case i join zumba class twice a week, e-learning mandarin and deutsch language (i used to learn deutshch in high school but never mind, i learn from zero), and lots. 

As I push myself to be productive, and even seeing lots of my friends shared their activities at their home with lots of exciting stuffs, i push myself harder to do the same exact things till I drop. Well, I found it as toxic somehow, but nah I keep doing.

Next day, i got a chance to have a convo with my long lost friend, she asked me what I'm doing, and she asked to stop myself to be as productive as others. It's okay not being okay, don't be denial. Don't push myself hard in this tough times, because it could break myself mentally and physically. Don't do something you don't want to do, to do a favor for other, you need to rest.

Here are what I did; trying to create editorial look while #StayHome

What usually you do in this pandemic situation? 
Use your time wisely, and don't be so hard to your body and mind. Relax and chill.

Stay clean, healthy, and sane!


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