A decade journey of being me #MEaningful

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Hi Love!
It's been 10 years I created this platform to express what I have inside, it's totally a decade I can't easily believe what I've done in these years. 

Do I expect something from the beginning I start this blog? Never, i made this blog for personal reason, to showcasing my idea, my crazy thoughts and many thing I think I could do. And in these looong ten years, did I find troubles and issues? Of course I've found many, even I started 10 years back. I do really want to share the time travel in these past ten years I started this platform to throwing back memories of my #kikostylejournal and my story over the feeling insecure.

High school; got my first ever blazer

Blogger event with the community

First year in college, weird vintage style

Well, at the very beginning, I got bullied for years— not only by act, also words. They talked about my physic, and it hurts me unconsciously. They may not realize that they were doing that time will have a bad impact in the future. One thing that I got thru this experience; lack of confidence and feel insecurities for being myself. It may sound like a cringe or something when it talks about insecure. Everyone may think it's normal, but it break myself down way deeper than anyone ever think about. I even feel like do I deserve this? for being myself?

I felt it so much regarding my fear, my insecurities that affect to this platform— i didn't even tell the story in the past but here I am. 

Second year of college; into monochromatic.

2015, I decided to restarted my blog into fashion. And first ever joining OOTD competition

2015, OOTD in black


2017, winning Lazada competition

2018, was a part of Blibli's campaign in HK, and met my HK blogger friend.

2020, Kiko is on the national newspaper.

No matter how little you've judged people by word, by act, they still got hurted by that. It breaks people's hope to express their feeling, it breaks them mentally and physically, because they feel they don't deserve to be who they truly are, I could feel how much it hurts thus I was there too. Why other people could accept the differences of each every single human? We're all just human. 

And now, I am here— stand strong, to break that insecurities, to break people's perception of being different because we weren't born same, we're all different for each. I could even thank to God, these feelings and experiences brings me this far— feel even blessed to be born as I am. Knowing my fears and strengths also #selflove, makes these things as my weapon to grow better, to share the positivity for being true, for being real, also for being stronger. 

Through my story, i'm such a crazy person to empower people, to make your insecurities become a weapon for you to grow as a person, and Lamida is the one and the only e-commerce not just beauty e-commerce that understands how we feel and have an ability to empower all Indonesian Women. I'm here, standing strong and will always remember how #MEaningful you are.

Talking about Lamida, Lamida NOW you can purchase your fave skincare or makeup right on here!

The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself "
So, loving yourself even more. Self love is a key to feel comfort and confidence.

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  1. i really like your style ko💯💯 it was so amazing😍 kamu hebat koo.. berani terus berjuangg walaupun banyak yang menentang👍👍 salutt kooo hehehe.. stayy positive ko kiko💯💯

  2. Semua butuh proses ya ka😍

  3. Salut dan bangga sama ka kiko. Keep strong ka

  4. Salut banget sma kaka semangat trs ya ka

  5. Huaaaa semangat terus yaa kak. Btw fashionable banget. 😍