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Hi love!
It's been over two months not sharing anything here on blog. What's up guys? Does your current life feel good so far? Well, after over 3 months my country has been locked down, especially the city where I currently live, the government limits the space to minimize the spread of the Covid-19 that affects to many life sectors, including me, working in fashion retail. But now i'm here, not gonna talk about that issue, i'm here to spread positivity of staying home. Don't let the pressure make you feel bad, use the time to pamper yourself while stay home.

Today, I experienced myself to pamper my body just to heal the stress, pressure and overthinking over the happening issues. Here are the coffee scrub that I use today.

What is it?

Well, before we dive a bit too much, I'll introduce the brand first. C Lab & Co is an Australian beauty & lifestyle brand that's happeningat the very first they launched their coffee scrub in tub in 2015, less a year they just got invited to the famous 2016 Academy Awards gifting suite in Hollywood and this brand hits many media & celebrities that making their coffee scrub as their icon.

What's making them special? What's ingredients that they use?

What makes their coffee scrub in tub really special, they only use 100% natural arabica coffee scrubb that roasted in 'just cracked' level to keep the natural oil stays. And also, it contains many interesting ingredients such as organic Vitamin E, Sea Salt, and Natural essentials oil (almond oil, citrus oil) that could help you to reduce cellulite, stretch marks, and scars, also could brighten up skin even more. They're also vegan friendly, no sugar added, no animal tested, and 100% natural. As I said, it contains citrus, the scent feels like a dark chocolate with citrus hint, a bit strong but the citrus feeling make it way fresh. So soothing! I wish i could eat 'em huaaaaa i freakin love this scrub so much.

Best suited for..

All skin type, even sensitive skin as mine, also they're safe for pregnant woman. It could be used 1-2 times a week, so the skin is getting much better— fine glow and bright skin such a goals, right?
And YES, it could be used on face & body hehehe


They have 2 type of package; one is full sized (about 330 grams, in big jar) and other one is travel pack (which mine, about 100 grams). I love their package so much, even the travel pack itself, they comes in zipped up so it's absolutely safe to bring this to go anywhere you want.

How to use..

First, use this when you're body in half-wet (did you get what i try to explain?) haha
Second, take it a bit and scrub it to your body with circular motion
Third, let the oil absorb as well in few minutes before you wash off

You could use this 2 times a week at least, or more if you need to do so.

Available at
Sociolla offline store and online, they're also in sale today! Click [here] to direct to the product.

C Lab & Co Coffee Scrub






It's #kikoapproved for coffee scrub that contains 100% natural ingredients and it has calming and soothing scent to relieve the stress that haunts me over this quarantine periode. You have to try it!


Thank you for read my review.
Stay clean, healthy, and sane!


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  1. wahh kooo thanks for sharing lagi yaa🙏🏻🙏🏻 Seneng sih bacanyaa hehehe oiya bisa buat kulit sensitif yaa koo? Aku sensitif banget kulitnyaa gak bs make scrub” soalnyaaa....

  2. Recomended banget sih ini scrubnya karena banyak banget manfaatnya

  3. Mksh kk dh sharing, brmnfaat bgtz dan pstiny pngn bgtz coba

  4. Thank you ka buat reviewnya
    Recomended banget ini scrubnya 😍😍

  5. Thankyouu kak reviewnya. Bolee nii dicoba. Mantap sepertinyaaa

  6. Wahh keren nih, bisa untuk wajah sekaligus badan 😍 bisa utk kulit sensitif juga.. harus cobain niihh 😍