Scarlett, Serum Lokal Ampuh Basmi Jerawat!

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 Hi love!

Staying at home for quite long time made me take care of my skin even deeper, but I still have to go to work by putting the mask on, it was okay at first but I realized that ‘Mascne’ (Mask Acne) is coming real to my face. And I’ve been trying out this new local face serum on the market, how it works on my skin?


Well, lemme introduce to you, this new local face serum— which I already know this brand as well as one of the best local bodycare on the market, but now they launch their face serum, a bit under estimate at the beginning but well i’ll show you how it works.



What’s Scarlett?

Scarlett is local beauty brand— Indonesia based, that’s already well known as many various actresses, influencers talk about this brand as their body care is one of the best. As i know, Scarlett’s owner is an Indonesian actress, which everybody knows that.

And this time, they have 2 face serum that already available online— Acne Serum & Brightly Ever After Serum, which both of them has each claims.



1   1.  Acne Serum


This acne serum contains several interesting ingredients such as Tea Tree water, Salicylic Acid, and Jeju Centella Asiatica (my all time fave ingredient ever that works super nice on me) and Liquorice, plus 99.9% oil free that reduces the causes of acne which is nice for me that has oily skin type. So far it works on me, my face doesn’t produces oil that much as usual.


2. Brightly Ever After Serum


This serum contains good ingredients too as the acne one, it contains Lavender water, Phyto Whitening, Niacinamide (this also works amazing on me, to brighten up my skin even better), Gluthathione, and Vitamin C (never tried any product that contains vitamin C since my skin is sensitive kinda but it works nice tho so far).




Their packaging is simple, glass bottle that has each color represent acne (in purple) and the brightly (in pink), small yet travel friendly, 30ml but you could use for a month (or more), me personally could use this for a fully month. It has glass pipet to reach the product, so higienis for sure.




Their texture is liquid but light yet rich, you would fall in love with the texture as I do, even it looks rich but it could absorb quickly, not feel sticky but well moisturized. It has subtle scent— which scent of their active ingredients but it doesn’t really matter at all. Trust me, i used to be sensitive over skincare that has weirdo smells but it doesn’t feel that way, i can bear with the scent.



How to apply

You just need 2-3 drops for a whole face, just drop it to your face and blend it, with a lil massage gently to lift up your face.


Where’s to buy

It’s now available online in their official store on any e-commerce, only 75k! What a wise price point with many advantages you would feel.



How it reacts to my skin:

 Lately I got panicked over acnes on my right cheeks to the neck, redness everywhere every morning, but once I apply this day and night, it could reduce that redness, heal the acne better and reduce the oily on my skin. Well, you wouldn’t see how the differences thru pics, but once you feel it/ see it directly, you would understand the differences between before and after using this serum— not significant changes, but it feels better once I use this over a week.


Thank you for read my review.
Stay clean, healthy, and sane!


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  1. wah keren nih thankyou infonya ahhahahaha btw pas corona gini gue jd main game aja cuy di rmh ahahhahah, tp gue lg ke hook banget nih sama ni game cobain dah cuy seru bet dah jamin ahahhahahah

  2. Pas banget.. aku lg jerawatan skrg.. mau cobain serum ini juga aahhh.. makasi infonya kak ❤️