BHUMI Bakuchiol Night Oil, works as Retinol, does It work?

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Skincare is something that is common to be used for many people, especially when it comes to maintain our appearance, skincare issa needed to make our skin look even better. Well, recently I just tried out the product that has main concern as an anti aging which I think I need in these days, since ages, and as a local brand enthusiast, now going to present to you something new from local product that excite me to try since it’s arrived!

Presenting to you my current favorite skincare that works nice on me; BHUMI Bakuchiol Night Oil, that I’ve been trying in these 2 weeks at night as my PM Skincare Routine..

What is BHUMI Bakuchiol Night Oil?

Well, BHUMI itself is an Indonesian local beauty brand that concern in innovated skincare product since 2017. BHUMI uses 100% essential oil that has certified from USDA. 

BHUMI Bakuchiol Night Oil is formulated between some of anti aging oils and PHA, and what I got so curios about this product because it contains many interesting ingredients that comes from nature with each claims that excite me to try.

BHUMI Bakuchiol Night Oil uses from Babchi plant that grows in India that works as retinol, which work to regenerate our skin, anti aging, repair skin texture and discolored skin tone all over the face.

This BHUMI Bakuchiol Oil also contains Vitamin A, that works to remove the acne cell, disguise acne blemishes, and PHA that works  to exfoliate dead skin gently and moisturized the skin at the same time.

Besides that, it also contains Seabuckthorn and Pomegranate oil that works as an anti oxidant, to brighten up and calming the skin perfectly. Also contain Tamanu and Sunflower oil as anti bacteria and to repair our skin barrier. My skin has perfectly soft texture after all, trust me I can even feel that once it applied.


Packaging is always come first in my opinion once we talked about skincare, who’s agree? Their packaging is in my cup of tea which I love, perfectly fit to my favorite packaging, small bottle that covered in maroon kinda color, it has pipet applicator, it looks even elegant with gold color touch and the glass bottle that has 30ml. All product detail also seems so helpful all around the product, seriously it helps us to know the product information, quite smart!


I love the texture, even my skin is oily, the oil texture doesn’t feel sticky or even greasy at all. I love the scent too that works as an aromatherapy to calm me before sleep, seriously it works SUPER NICE, and you’d love as much as I do.

How to Apply?

- Pour 3 to 5 drops to your hands
- Warm it by rubbed both of hand
- Apply to your face and do some simple massage to the face

* For Beginner: use it once for 2 days on the first week, and every night after that, and use this after serum and moisturizer.
* For Advanced Retinol user: do it every night as your last steps
* For Sensitive skin: do it 2-3 times a week
* For Acne Prone skin: use this as a spot treatment to the targeted area, and also use as your last step.

Where’s to Buy?

They’re available to shop by online, by their website [here] and their official store in Shopee [here]. So feel free to check out!


Overall, this Bakuchiol Night Oil works pretty nice on my skin, that helps to reduce any aging such as dark circle, dark spot and loss skin elasticity, somehow I can feel the different before and after using the night oil. I love their packaging too since it’s simple and also travel friendly so I can even bring it everywhere I go. Besides that, their scent is quite strong in some of your preference, meanwhile it’s refreshing and calming at the same time. And last, their texture is amazing, rich and quick absorb, so it feels so good and very recommended for you to try, especially who has same issue with me, and need to try retinol product that works gentle but significantly feel better, you need to try this, I swear, my skin barrier becomes much much better.

Bye-bye dull skin, hello soft glow healthy skin!

Thank you for read my review.
Stay clean, healthy, and sane!


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