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 Glass skin is something that we always look up to over our skin health. But somehow people forget how to achieve that kind of glass skin takes so much efforts, not gonna share to you to achieve that goals in instant way, like put all of your makeup to look a like a glass flawless kinda.

Well, flawless glass skin makeup is all started from a healthy skin, and how to achieve that healthy skin started from our habits and routine. Besides you put all skincare products to help you to achieve that or even maintain, you also need to consume mineral waters, vegetables, and sleep enough as your daily routine.

Here are my kinda step to step how to get healthy glass flawless skin as I always do to my everyday routine.

First, as I already mentioned above that I need to sleep enough like 7-8 hours a day, and get a good quality of sleep by having cozy and comfort place to sleep. Then wake up in the morning and consume mineral water, also do simply work out before starts the day.

Next, consume enough mineral waters at least 2L a day. I do always bring my tumblr everywhere I go, to realize myself to drink water enough. As I consume mineral water enough, also I feel my skin become hydrated, and hydrating skin is one of the key to achieve glass healthy skin, yet the water have significant impact to your skin physiology, not only on the surface but also deep layers that may affect to dryness and roughness such as increased elasticity, improving skin better than ever from the roughness and wrinkles prevention. I do really recommend you the Aqua Reflections for better hydration—not only they have high quality and balanced mineral waters, they also has best bottle design that could be used to your room decoration, what a save world action to do ya?

And last one, do skincare routine cause I really do this every morning and night. Here are my products recommendations to keep your skin hydrate enough! #HydratetoRadiate issa key.

1. Double cleansing is a must, especially with this current issue that need to be cleaned enough, but donʼt even over cleanse. I started the skincare routine with micellar water and Iʼve been using Ariul Micellar Water for a few moments and it works nice and cleanse my face better from dust and any daily makeup without any harsh effect but moist enough.

2. After that, cleanse my face deeply with AHC Hyaluronic Facial Foam that contains Hyaluronic for deep cleansing but moisturized skin as well.

3. Toner! Yes, donʼt ever skip this step like never. Because itʼll make other skincare product absorb and perform really well like magic. And currently iʼve been using Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner, because it contains incredible natural ingredients, alcohol free, and itʼs refreshing yet moisturizing! Toner to the next level and travel friendly. Interesting enough?

4. Sheet mask checked! AND THIS IS THE BEST IʼVE EVER TRIED: Mediheal. Iʼve been trying all variants they have and it still works pretty nice, my skin improves so much using this esp N.M.F Aquaring Ampoule Mask that can reduce sebum and extra moisturizing.

5. Last but not least, body care issa must too! Kloraine Fleur de Cupuacu Ultra Noutrishing Body Lotion is a good enough to moisturize your skin because it contains of cupuace butter extract that formule to moisturize. It isnʼt sticky feeling, paraben free, MIT free, BHT free, alcohol free and EDTA free. Cool ya!

Well well well, this might be a reminder to you to stay hydrated and welcome to the glass skin for a better and healthy skin as bright as your future! Ready? Start now! #HydratedtoRadiated

And yes, anyway Sociolla x Aqua Reflections is now avaialble on all Sociolla stores, so you can go for now! Like nowwww! 

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Stay clean, healthy, and sane!


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  1. Yg pernah aku coba cuman produknya Mediheal 😆 dan emang menghidrasi kulit aku 😍 masih jd kecintaanku sampe skrg.. tp pengen nyoba yg lain juga setelah aku baca ini 😆