Avoskin YOUR SKIN BAE series, is new game of skincare?

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 Hello bae!

As i mentioned on my recent Instagram Story that i'll share my store, my honest perspective and my humble opinion towards this Avoskin new series called YOUR SKIN BAE, is a new game in skincare that I always tell to you over local brand that has developed their product better I know, so here we go!

Well a week ago, I announced on my Instagram Story that I’m currently using new product that comes from local brand, which blurred pic above, and now to witnessing their new series of skincare that has interesting ingredients over all the variants they have, while me already tried their serum from this series, it’s on my own, and it really works pretty nice, I swear, this review post will be as honest as I usually do.

Talking about the brand itself, I’ve been trying their best selling product, and you may read my review [here] over their PHTE that I love so much, and now this series brings you to the new game of skincare.

What is actually the product that I’ll share here?
It’s brand new TONER, yes, toner.

What makes this different?
They have several variants with each claims over different amazing ingredients that will work as good as it seems on the bottle.

Pic courtesy: Avoskin [here]

Toner that I’ve been using, it contains Salicylic Acid 1%, Zinc, Tea Tree Water, and all of them has claim to remove acne, blackhead, but also moisturized, meanwhile the serum that I’ve been using for month contains Centella Asiatica and Niacinamide 12% that claims advanced glow and moisturized.

Once you use them all together, it becomes better which claims remove acne and advance glow, also Niacinamide has claims to brighten up the skin, how it works pretty nice, rite? Let see how the difference between before after using them all together.

How I use it?
As toner is the very important step to start with, I just need few drops to my hands then tap to the whole face. It’ll absorb as quick then put another products.

Best suited for?
For all skin type I’d say, especially who has acne prone skin, this might work best for this skin type. As seen my skin type is also sensitive, this doesn’t affect to my skin at all which works nice on me, since I’m such a picky for skincare ingredients and products, but so far Avoskin always gives me good result after all.
Colorful but minimalism kind of packaging which looks cool better than the box hahaha but the box itself is also pretty in my opinion. They also put enough information all over the bottle, that’s made by eco-plastic, who doesn’t love this huh? Me? Of course I do love so much, all colors are just too dreamy enough, hands up for Avoskin team especially product designer that thinks hard to create this package be more friendly for the world.

Texture and Scent..
It has kind of watery but not sticky, really. It absorb so quick, so I don’t need take much time to put another step such as serum etc. It has a bit scent but not so disturbing at all, yet refreshing enough as I experienced many products before.
Available to shop?
YES, they’re all available online via website [here] and offline store such as Sociolla stores, and also official e-commerce partner.
Usage from experience..
Well, I’ve been using this toner for couple weeks and it works even at the first week I try, my skin became supple, plump, and acne scars become faded by each day I use this. I love the texture and the scent (I don’t think everybody would love the way I do, especially when it comes about scent that might smell strange, but trust me it doesn’t feel strong and weird after all, It smells subtle). No wonder how this series sold many times I see on e-commerce and website, because they always give ‘a new game of skincare’ as I firstly use few years back, I’m always in love with their product which developing by time to time. One of the best local brand I’ve been experiencing these years as a skincare babes.

my morning routine all from Avoskin

Thank you for read my review.
Stay clean, healthy, and sane!


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  1. Makasih review lengkapnya kak. Sangat bermanfaat.

  2. Tonernya terbaik banget nih , sering liat reviewnya juga jadi penasaran pengen cobain

  3. Wahh.. jadi penasaran niihh, pengen coba juga 😍

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