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Welcoming 2021 with mixed feeling, but grateful enough towards everything might happen to me this whole year. 

I found my interpretation of #selfacceptance in my solitude— more on #kikokimdotcom

In my case when something hit me down to the lowest, it is hard to accept the mistake that I did in many ways.

Self acceptance isn’t just about how you accept for the way who you are, it’s more than that, it’s about how you manage the feeling when the anything happens to you especially when once the failure hit you, and how you raise yourself after that. Self acceptance is about an act of understanding and recognizing your abilities and limitations.

Many thing you could do to achieve self acceptance:

* Be kind to yourself— whatever happens to you, just be kind at least to yourself, because it’s time to accept the fact that nobody could judge you more than you judge yourself. 

* Confront your fears— you know your strengths and weaknesses, and use that as a weapon to confront your fears more than ever.
* Forgive— no matter what happens to you even the failure hit you hard, just forgive yourself (this phase that i feel hard to do, really, i usually blame myself and cry over the night to even forgive myself for the mistakes I’ve made).
* Believe in yourself— nobody can do except you, you do believe in yourself and no one could judge for that.

Why self acceptance is important?

Self acceptance helps you to realise yourself in many sides —bad and good side; your qualities and eases feeling of unhappiness or even guilt which always happen once you can accept yourself, also you know yourself better. As i mentioned before, once you accept yourself, you can also set yourself up for improvement. These days, as pandemic hit us hard, I use this time to heal, to accept myself, and while I'm trying those, I also can explore what I don't usually do in my daily basis —uncover my hidden talents and gifts that never imagined, ever.

Acceptance, doesn't mean you're giving up or passively stay, it opens you up and makes room for any difficult thoughts and feelings, which you could possibly choose to stay or you choose leave. After you get better to know yourself, so you can choose what's good and what's bad, what's need to be improved and what's need to throw up, what you can explore and what you can stop.

Through this new year, doesn't mean drastically changed into new you, but better version of you —which I can even accept for the way I am, for who I truly am, and for what I will be. Also I can understand what I need to, and what I want, to not change me at all, but improving for being I am.

Did I accept myself?

I'm still trying to get that way, not even 100%, but still on the way to go that phase, which is difficult but walking thru that moment slow but sure, I wish.

I wish that you can also accept yourself, for no matter what happens, just being true to yourself, and stay happy mentally physically.

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