Dear 27

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 Hello, 27.

27 years experiences living in this planet, which never expected I'll stand here, no guts, no broken feeling, 100% proud of staying true to myself, but deep down inside over the feeling to turn into 27 is overwhelmed, where will I go next?

After couple years I've been through ups and downs, I also know myself even more over these crazy years especially 2020 that changed my perspective of life, and I'm so glad that everything came across to my life could see the way the universe give blessing in many ways I've never ever imagined-- thanks God for everything.

I've drowning myself more than anybody could see me in person or virtual, I blamed myself whenever I made mistakes, I was upset that I couldn't even handle myself, couldn't accept the way I am, couldn't believe that how beautiful the universe is, couldn't trust to anybody even Him, but this 27 really changed everything I've done in my past.

This end of 2020 to now, i finally found how good the universe is, God is good. I just feel that His blessing is better than anything in the world. I also feel blessed to witness all the good and bad things that might come to me with a clear mind, and believe that everything will be okay once we believe He is good.

May 2021 and more years to come, will be better and so on.

Stay clean, healthy, and sane!


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