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Never expected that this day has come, the day that my forever strong mom left me forever.
I've been crazy to think about it even I thought how it feels but somehow I refuse how it happened.

Many times I've seen one by one losing their loves one, I feel sad but I can't truly know how it feels, till today, May 7th 2021, I lost my mom. I was in the rush of going home, but unfortunately I couldn't make it to see her in her last time. My mind went blank, I cried out so bad. 

Last time I got a chance to visit home after I had long journey of movie making in the island (I'll tell you later, but I promise this movie would make my mom proud, I guarantee). I remember how that day I was so starving and ate lots of food that my mom made, they were all my favourite dishes she has ever made but I didn't know they'd be her last cooks. I told her that I was so overwhelmed yet proud to share my story of my previous experience, I believe that she was proud as I am. This was my quick visit even I planned to stay at home for week but one another work need to be done before my plan, so there was 4 days to have a quality time with my parents. It was so short to be honest, and I was so irritating to remember how stupid I am.

As time goes by, I still can't get enough of missing her, every single day, and never be enough.
I stuck, and always do.

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