BREAKING NEWS! Scarlett Whitening collaborated with Korean Star!

by - 11:04 PM

Hi dear!
This month is a full of surprises that I can’t even imagine they’re all real. Yes! We talk about local brand that approches with international scale, and one of them is…

Scarlet! I’ve been even loving their products since last year, tried up their skincare is absolutely crazy over my capacity to believe in local brand but they made it.
As mentioned before, this year they approached a Korean Star, Song Joong Ki. 
Are you misheard? Nope, you hear it right. Scarlett x Song Jong Ki is a real collaboration that wow-ed me a thousands times.

This collaboration between Scarlett and Song Joong Ki, it talks about their amazing bodycare range, from body scrub, shower scrub and body lotion, and their collaboration comes up with a box with your 5 body care selection and a surprise bonus also a random photocard! OMG I’M SO EXCITED!!! 
Guys, you need to check it out and thank me later! The collaboration is limited yet spectacular thing you shouldn’t be missed. Go go go! I already ordered them and next post will let you guys know what’s inside the box!
Check their social media
instagram @scarlett_whitening
Shopee: Scarlett Official Shop
#ScarlettXSongJoongKi #GlowingWithScarlett

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