Laneige NEW Water Bank Blue Hyaluronic series [REVIEW]

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Well as a korean skincare lover, which I concern about their claims and high quality ingredients, also their outrageous packaging, these would be very interesting to try, especially when it claims to extra moisture and extra calming, worry say no more baby.

Just arrived in front of you, the newest range from Laneige Water Bank series: Blue Hyaluronic serum & Blue Hyaluronic cream. From the very beginning, this made me fall in love easily; their packaging is kinda 100% me— simple, minimalist, eye catching.
But, lemme introduce them first.



Basically, these two has a main ingredient that works to moisturize the skin better, it contains 7th generation and the newest evolution of Hyaluronic Acid that works 300% strengthen up the skin healing, 62,2% protect the skin as well, also moisturize the skin till 10 layers of the skin.
Another ingredients are Ceramide, Beta-glucan, and Panthenol, they makes my skin improved better.
No Paraben, No animal testing, using sustainable palm oil, water foot print certification
What makes these two better?
Blue Hyaluronic has 1/2000 than an usual exact size of Hyaluronic Acid, so it works to the deepest skin layer and quick absorption, it helps to strengthen up every cell of the skin, and make your skin well moisturized, especially for someone who has dry skin, this works like magic for me at least.

I do really impressed to the packaging that they made to these two. Both are travel friendly indeed— made by high quality package, soft blue as their color icon.
The serum you just need to twist the bottle, and the applicator would be appearing as it twisted, then pump it out. Hustle free and easy peasy. Also the cream has similar concept, a classy cube kinda, you just need to twist 45 degrees and it opened, it sealed and safe.
Anyway, i got good feeling over the packaging because Laneige has collaborated with NOVO, to make this package look pretty, that has beautiful message over this collaboration to listen what your skin need to tell.

The consistency of the serum is quiet different with usual product that I used to try, it’s thicker but absorb quickly as a gel, it moisturized the skin pretty better. Also the cream itself has kinda gel consistency which works good on every skin type, for me at least who has combination and sensitive skin, this absorbs greatly amazing.

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